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The Burning

About the Show

In the time of the Salem Witch Trials, Mercy Summers is desperate for the love of the preacher's apprentice, and gets wrapped up in a real coven of witches who promise her a potion to trap her love.  Before long it all becomes too much as the innocent are put to death while real evil roams free.  How can the people of Salem possibly triumph over centuries of evil?  See if they can in this haunting, original story recommended for ages 10 and up or those who can handle a good scare.



October 23-31

School Shows: October 30



APU Grant Hall


Tickets are avaialbe at the venue box-office one hour before show time or you can purchase tickets online.
  • General Admission -- $11

  • Student/Senior/Military -- $9

  • Kids 12 and under -- $6


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Cast and Crew

Insert a statement here about how TBA casts their shows. Maybe it will help entice more people to get involved. I always like you mention age-appropriate casting, open auditions, etc. Might also be neat to talk about how many people auditioned for the cast.



Shane Mitchell



Granny Prudence Fields- Erin Mitchell
Grace Elmer- Sabrina Sexauer
Constance Elmer- Grace Fahrney
Constable Comfort Mann- Tracy Simmons
Bridgette Very- Vivi Grenier
Faithful Very- Suzanne Snyder
Dorcas Summers- Cassie Jeremias
Christopher Clement- Justin Oller
Benjamin Towers- Ryan Buen
Amos Towers- Brad Miller
Wilson Scott- Warren Weinstein
Jonathan Marsh- Aaron Bell
Henry Osborn- Erik Mack

The Salem Coven
Marjory Frost- Lauren Stanford
Mary Walcott- Zoey Grenier
Mary Warren- Morgan Mitchell 
Elizabeth Beech- Grace Williams
Mercy Summers- Jessica Faust
Sarah Wickham- Addie George
Martha Hill- Katie Mansfield
Tabitha Dibble-Kaichen McRae
Eunice King- Jessica Tullius
Alice Coates- Linda Sexauer
Hannah Eggelston- Amy Kropp
Ursula Davis- Nancy Caudill
Lediah Deming- Marrisa Garrigues



Scenic Design - Bruce Sexauer

Costume Design - Jennifer Wright

Light Design - Frank Hardy

Sound Design - Henry Hartman & Justin Oller

Stage Manager - Tyler Browning


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