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Auditions for TBA shows are open to everyone and it's free to be in a TBA show.  TBA practices age-appropriate casting and includes age recommendations in the audition announcement. You can find upcoming audition information here, on our Facebook page and by subscribing to our newsletter. Click here to subscribe

TBA Theatre is a professional-caliber, volunteer-based organization.
Auditions for The Little Magic Snowman


The most wonderful time of the year is the best time of year at TBA! Come and audition for this fantastic show by P. Shane Mitchell


Set in the optimistic postwar era of small-town America this play tells the story of Emily a little orphaned girl. Often bullied and struggling to find friends she decides to make a companion, a snowman named Pee-wee. Through the magic of love Pee-wee is brought to life and the two have many adventures some dangerous some delightful but always heartwarming. The show is recommended for all ages.

Tuesday, October 25th

at the TBA Studio (635 W. 54th Ave)

6pm-7:30pm: Kids (7-12 years old)

7:30pm-9pm: Teens & Adults

Roles available for ages 7 to Adult

*Speaking Roles available for ages 7 and older*

REQUIRED DATES AND TIMES - The Little Magic Snowman: December 9 - 18 • Directed by Erin Dagon Mitchell
• Mandatory Technical and Dress Rehearsals - conflicts are NOT allowed for these rehearsals or performances.
Sunday, December 4 - approximately 5pm-9pm*
Monday, December 5 - approximately 5:30-9:30pm*
Tuesday, December 6 - approximately 5:30-9:30pm*
Wednesday, December 7 - approximately 5:30-9:30pm*
Thursday, December 8 - approximately 5:30-9:30pm*
Wednesday, December 14 - Pick up rehearsal - approximately 5:30pm-9:00pm
*Please note that ending times are approximate, and young cast members will be released as early as possible, though not before 8:30pm
• Public Performances:
December 9 at 7pm
December 10 at 3pm & 7pm
December 11 at 3pm
December 16 at 7pm
December 17 at 7pm
December 18 at 3pm
• School Show Performances:
December 15 at 10am and 12pm
December 16 at 10am and 12pm
• Call times for performances are 2 hours before show time.
• Rehearsals are generally Monday-Friday at the TBA Studio from 6pm-9pm with some Saturdays & Sundays.
• All performances & tech rehearsals take place at Alaska Pacific University's Grant Hall.


Questions? Please email


All those auditioning or wanting to be on crew or volunteering need to fill out our Participation Form.
The Little Magic Snowman
Roles Available


The Supernaturals

Mother Nature - commanding but kind 

Jack Frost -  nervous 

Old Man Winter - ancient 

Frostbite - Jack’s evil sister


Peewee & Emily

Peewee - A Little Magic Snowman, young and energetic

Emily - An Orphan, sweet young girl 10-12 years old



Officer Joe Reily - policeman, in love with Mary

Mary Lear - teacher, strong and independent, in love with Joe

Ralph - A postman, a believer in magic

Angela Brown - The Parson’s wife, sings with the children


Teens and Kids:

Holly- A good girl (teen)

Jimmy- A good boy (teen)

Butch- A bully (teen)

Frieda- A bully (teen)

Rocky- A bully (teen or kid)

Peg- A bully (teen or kid)

Sawbuck- A bully (teen or kid)

Darcy - A bully (teen or kid)

Ditto- A reluctant bully (kid)


Wicked Snowman (any age)

Sub Zero





White Wash



School kids (school-aged kids or teens):












Anne Marie


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