The TBA Mission

To enrich our community by providing innovative and comprehensive theatre arts experiences through which artists of all ages can develop their creativity and self-expression; and in so doing stimulate human potential.



TBA stands for Training Better Artists, and with each project, we strive to give artists of all ages opportunities for growth.  TBA Theatre was founded in 2003, by Shane Mitchell, Wayne Mitchell, Erin Mitchell, Eric Brown, Andrea Egger and Megan Bladow.  In the first three years, TBA produced The Alaska Overnighters, produced other original works for the Last Frontier Theatre Conference, and primarily worked on intensives and residencies in the Anchorage School District.  In 2006, TBA expanded and produced our first Main Stage Season of Plays at APU Grant Hall.  For more information on the history of TBA, email founding Artistic Director, Shane Mitchell.

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