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Cast Lists

Curse of The Mummy

Edward Bellingham- Matthew Mahoric

William Lee- Stevie Bahner

Abercrombie Smith- Aaron Bell

Jethro Hastie- Alex Hughes

Lon Norton- Memphis Wright

Dr. Carpenter- Andy Cummings

Dr. Jordon- Bruce Sexauer

Colonel Makepeace Doyle- Rees Miller

Rev. Peterson- Carl Bright

Sgt. Murphy- David Robert Fink

Haakan- Cedric Warren

Pvt.Spencer -Dawson Cook

Pvt Middelton -Jill Simek

Pvt Furgeson-Jade Simek

Evelyn Lee- Cooper Schoene

Kathleen Carter- Lulu Hedman

Willamina McCall- Bianca Overly-Bright

Naomi Stewart- Lauren Stanford

Dr. Helen Manners- Giselle Niesonger

Mrs. Peterson- Jessica Faust

Dame Edith Smyth-Erin Mitchell

Thomasina Styles- Nancy Caudill

Dorothy (Dot) Styles- Brielle Rice

Neneth- Stephanie Buen

Tannet- Emily Meinel

Mr. Mummy's Halloween Surprise

Nefret-a Servant - Abby Hentges

Joe Ho Tep- A Mummy - Jason Mitchell

Sekhmet- The Mummy’s Mommy - Dana Mitchell

Boris- A Vampire - Chester Mainot

Hazel- A Witch - Becky Sheridan

Jeepers Creepers- A ghost- Jordon Wood

Trick or treaters - Lucian Morris

            ​​                 - Thomas Clancey

                             - Isolde Medema

                            ​​ - Elijah Peters



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