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Miracle on 34th Street

About the Show

The classic story of Kris Kringle and how he brings the Christmas Spirit back to New York.  Do you believe?  It's a holiday delight for the whole family.


December 9-18

Fridays & Saturdays at 7pm

Sundays at 3pm


APU Grant Hall


Tickets are avaialbe at the venue box-office one hour before show time or you can purchase tickets online.
  • General Admission -- $11

  • Student/Senior/Military -- $9

  • Kids 12 and under -- $6

Field Trip
Want to bring your class to see the show? Follow this link to get more information on the December 15 and 16 field trip opportunities.
View Show Photos

Each show is cataloged by professional photographers. Check out our photos on TBA Fourth Wall.


Cast and Crew

This show had open auditions and age appropriate casting, allowing adult and youth members of the community to learn from each other.



Erin Mitchell



Kris Kringle – Shane Mitchell
Doris Walker – Morgan Mitchell
Susan Walker – Mia Grace Stratton
Fred Gayley – Ivan Taylor
Shellhammer – Marisa Garrigues
Mr. Sawyer – Ryan Buen
Doctor Pierce – Larry Kropp
Bag Lady – Linda Sexauer
Rich Person – Nancy Caudill
Kids at Parade – Stephan Ray Bohner, Evan Sexauer, Ethan Gray
Drunken Santa – Wayne Mitchell
Mr. Macy – Isaac Kumpula
Mr. Gimball – Rees Miller
Judge Harper – Denise Cotten
Finley – Jim Sewell
Halloran – Amy Kropp
Thomas Mara – Oliver Schiess
Tommy Mara – Elliot Houghton
Mr. Duncan, the zookeeper – Bill Cotton

Dutch Girl – Charlie Stevenson
Foster Parent – Emily Meinel
Johnny – Ethan Browning
Johnny’s Mother – Megan Bladow
Megan – Josie Miller
Megan’s Mother – Haley Baker
Bobby - Shay Bahner
Bobby’s Mother – Stephanie Leigh
Patty – Dana Rose Anger
Patty’s Mom – Linda Sexauer
Sally – Alyson Connor
Sally’s Mother – Katie Mansfield
Sylvia – Kelsey Lellig

Shoppers/Pedestrians/Parade Observors/: Lucy Connor, Katie Mansfield, Dawn Lawlor, Linda Sexauer, Spencer LeFebvre, Toren Lawley, Elijah Carricabura, Erin Lawlor, Amber Reed, Ani Nosek, Trivett Cosper
Postal Workers: Spencer LeFebvre, Toren Lawley, Elijah Carricabura
Head Elf – Jordan Knudson
Assistant Elf – Christie Platt
Elves - Emma Kiekintveld, Camas Oxford, Madison Dooley
Elftime Theatre Elves – Kae Hartman, Ashleigh Russell, Devin Merilatt



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