The Fall 2020 Season

24-hour Live Stream Fundraiser

Starting Friday, September 25 at 7pm

Remember the PBS pledge drives? We're kicking it old school with a modern twist and bringing our fundraiser to wherever you are! We've got a lot planned for the 24 hours, including live performances, auction items, past TBA shows, special appearances, and a mini installment of the Alaska Overnighters! We're staying up anyway, so why not bring you a brand new original short play as part of the event?

An Examination of the Psychosis of Vampirism

October 2020

Poor Marlene Foster has finally gone mad. All of her life, she has been plagued with ghosts, but now she thinks she has been attacked by a vampire? It is time for her loving husband, Kent, to turn her over to the good doctors of Edinburgh’s Surgeon’s Hall for examination. You are invited along too, of course, but is it wise to visit an Asylum on Halloween night to see a woman who believes she has been attacked by the undead? I suppose we will all find out.

Dr. Frank E. Stein’s Halloween Covid Crisis

October 2020

Oh no! It’s Halloween but the capitol of creepiness, Nightmare Hollow, is under quarantine. How can it be the best night of the year when apple bobbing is abolished, trick or treating is totally taboo, and every ghoul and goblin is social distancing? It’s Witch Hazel, Boris the Vampire, and Jeepers Creepers the Ghost to the rescue as they put together a “Broom Meeting” to prove Halloween can still be a marvelous, musical, best adventure ever even during a pandemic.

13 Tales of Terror

October 2020

Master storyteller, Shane Mitchell, is joined in the jack-o-lantern scented darkness by members of the internationally acclaimed cast of The Death of Edgar Allan Poe.  Come with them to the fireside as they bring to vivid life an unlucky 13 stories of heart-stopping horror. Some are true, some are tall tales, some are classics of the past, and all are guaranteed to have you looking over your shoulder for what is creeping out of the shadows.

Performed outside at the TBA Studio around the fire pits.

A Christmas Carol

December 2020


Internationally acclaimed actor, Wayne Mitchell, presents Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol in a whole new light. Ebenezer Scrooge is visited by 4 ghosts, who take him on a journey through his past, present, and the future yet to come to discover the true path to happiness. This one-man show brings to life Dickens' festive tale of redemption and compassion, brightening your heart with the joy and wonder of the holiday season.

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