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Summer Academy Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have a lot of questions, and these are some of the answers as of now. We will update them as things change, and we will also send out emails with important information closer to registration time.

Are you still doing your summer program?

  • Absolutely! We had a very successful 2020 summer program, and it provided a great model for 2021.

How do I enroll?

  • Click this button and follow the direction to log in to our system.

Problems? Contact

When does Academy start?

  • Advanced Academy starts on Wednesday, June 30th at 9:30am

  • Tech Academy starts on Wednesday, June 30th at 9:30am

  • Actors Academy starts on Wednesday, July 7th at 9:30am

  • Please note that on the first day, we will be asking for staggered arrival. Please watch your email for more details.


Where will you be holding your summer program?

  • We will be moving Academy from the TBA Studio to a new location, allowing for more students and more indoor facility space for social distancing. We will have the final location announced by June 16th.

Will you be moving your program to UAA? What's preventing that?

  • We will not be moving the program to UAA for summer 2021. Unfortunately, due to covid restrictions and earthquake repairs, we are not able to be at UAA this year.


Will the camps be outside or inside?

  • Actors Academy will take place in open-air tents outside, Advanced and Tech will be a combination of indoors and outdoors.

  • If we move to an alternate location, all programs will have both inside and outside activities.

Do students need to bring masks?

  • Yes, masks are required for all students. There may be opportunities to do activities without them, but masks will generally be worn throughout the day by both students and staff.

What are we doing to help prevent the spread of disease?

  • Limited group size smaller than normal per government recommendations. Actors Academy groups are approximately 20 students. Advanced is limited to 15 students. Tech is limited to 8 students.

  • We will be doing a health screening for each student upon arrival including using a touchless thermometer to take the temperature of each student.

  • All students will hand sanitize upon entry, and throughout the day.

  • The use of shared objects will be limited wherever possible and/or cleaned between each use. 

  • There will be designated restrooms for each group.

  • Staff members will clean surfaces, doorknobs, etc hourly

  • There will also be a staggered arrival, as this daily check in takes more time. 


Will visitors be allowed at Academy?

  • Only staff and students will be allowed past the health screening checkpoint. If you need to pick up your students early from Academy, please call us at 907-677-7529, and we will bring your student to you.


If my child feels sick, should they come to Academy?

  • No. For the safety of everyone, we ask that if your child feels ill to please keep them at home. If a child has to withdraw completely from Academy due to health concerns, partial refunds may be an option.


Will the students be wearing costumes?

  • This is yet to be decided. We will be assessing this closer to time based on space limitations as well as CDC, state, and municiple guidelines.


Will there be performances?

  • Yes, but audience sizes will adhere to all CDC, state, and municiple guidelines.


Where will the performances be?

  • Our performance venue is to be determined. But we are working on it and should have an update soon!


Will the students be required to sell tickets?

  • With the limits on audience sizes and the general size of gatherings, the available tickets to each student will be minimal. They will have the opportunity to sell a set number of tickets by a certain date. If they do not sell all of their tickets, those tickets will be made available to other families. All "selling" or gathering of donations will be done through our online portal.

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