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Folks Tales: Fairy Tales

Come See the Show!

Folk's Tales is conceived and created by the cast to provide a sitting-around-the-campfire swapping stories and singing songs experience for the whole family.  You're sure to be tapping your toes and singing along to old and new favorites alike.



This show performed September 2015



APU Grant Hall


Tickets are available at the venue box-office one hour before show time or you can purchase tickets online.
  • General Admission -- $11

  • Student/Senior/Military -- $9

  • Kids 12 and under -- $6


View Show Photos

Each show is cataloged by professional photographers. Check out our photos on TBA Fourth Wall.


Cast and Crew

The Storyteller's Creed~

We believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge.

That myth is more potent than history.

That dreams are more powerful than facts.

That hope always triumphs over experience.

That laughter is the only cure for grief.

And I believe that love is stronger than death.


Folk's Tales



Shane Mitchell


           Shane Mitchell

           Erin Dagon Mitchell

Wayne Mitchell

Lindsay Lamar Schweizer

Dennis Cleary

Leif Sawyer

Kristin Fernandez Mumm



Scenic Design, Wayne Mitchell

Stage Manager, Jordan Kile

Scenic Crew, Shane Mitchell, Wayne Mitchell, Jordan Kile


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