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A Message from our Artistic Director

To our Artists, Friends and Supporters;


It’s been a few weeks since we had to break the sad news of the postponement of the rest of our season and announce the cancelling of several of our popular programs. But, as you may recall, we also talked about our optimistic projections for the future and we are already seeing that hope for the future realized.


Everyday, brilliant minds in the health and science communities are learning more and more facts about COVID-19 and the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The landscape is shifting hourly. Though prudence and caution are still the words of the day, a return to a life that resembles our normal routine is on it’s way sooner rather than later.


In the meantime we still love to have fun and make the world beautiful. You can join us!


• Learn with us! TBA’s virtual Theatre Classes are starting this weekend! Check out our exciting lineup of online classes for children and adults.


• TBA Theatre’s costume designers have been working tirelessly to provide over 1,000 masks to help slow the progression of the virus. You can help! Brigette Hofmann has shared information on mask making and mask donation sites on TBA Theatre’s Facebook page.


• Speaking of Facebook, follow #tbartistsinisolation there and on Instagram, to see how your favorite TBA staff members and artists are staying creative at home. Do you have an artistic moment you want to share? Email for more information.


• We remain optimistic that the Summer Performing Arts Academy will take place and enrollment is open now! Should circumstances change, families will be notified as soon as possible and, of course, we would relax our “no refund” policy under these special circumstances.


• TBA’s 2020-21 season will be announced shortly and tickets will be available to purchase.


• We thank everyone who has already donated to TBA Theatre in these challenging times. We encourage all who are financially able to help us through this economic hardship to join those who have already been so generous. Giving is easy through our website and every donation makes a difference. 


Please be safe. Please be prudent. Please obey the limitations placed on us for the common good. But also, please be hopeful. Please be joyful. Please look for the new dawn that is already beginning to break.


Yours in love and art,
Shane Mitchell
Artistic Director
TBA Theatre, Inc


"Six feet back, Wolf!" - Red

Don't let the Big Bad Covid get you down... just because we're distant doesn't mean we can't still have fun!

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