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12th Annual Fundraiser

24-hour Telethon Event!

Stay Home and Be Entertained!

Remember the PBS pledge drives? We're kicking it old school and bringing our fundraiser to wherever you are! We've got a lot planned for the 24 hours, including live performances, auction items, past TBA shows, special appearances, and a mini installment of the Alaska Overnighters! We're staying up anyway, so why not bring you a brand new original short play as part of the event?


Call in and make a donation or donate online! Eat whatever you want... Drink whatever you want... Sleep or don't whenever you want... This is fundraising your way!



Friday, September 25th at 7pm to Saturday, September 26th at 7pm



Live Stream Link accessible from any device with internet


No tickets required! Just tune in and have some fun!


Donate an Auction Item

We are accepting items for our auction.  If you have something that you would like to contribute please email


Make a Contribution Now

The money you donate to TBA Theatre goes to keep high-quality arts available at a low cost to the Alaskan community.  Every dollar you donate makes a big difference!  Click here to donate now

Thank you for being a TBA star and making a difference in your community!

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