2018 Festival Fringe Tour 

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The Death of Edgar Allan Poe

In August of 2018, TBA will be touring P. Shane Mitchell's The Death of Edgar Allan Poe to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. We will be taking 20 Alaskan artists, and showcasing the talents of the last frontier to one of the most celebrated arts festivals in the world.


We had a sold out show in Anchorage on August 1st at 8pm at the Bear Tooth Theatre. Edinburgh Festival Fringe performances are August 12-19 at 6:50pm at C Too Venue 4; St Columba's by the Castle. For tickets go to www.cthefestival.com or call 0131 581 5555.

Fundraising Events

We have a crowd funding site were we will be matched for up to $10,000! Go to https://chuffed.org/project/ak-to-the-uk and see all the cool stuff you can get. Special thanks to Chad Carpenter from Tundra Comics for designing our campaign cartoon!


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Cast and Crew



Erin Dagon Mitchell


Production Team 

Stage/Tour Manager - Amy Kropp

Asst. Director/Costume Designer - Megan Bladow

Scenic Design - Frank Bebey

Composer - Justin Birchell


Edgar Allan Poe - Wayne Mitchell
Shadows - Kristin Fernandez, Dana Mitchell & Kari Miranda

Phantoms - Tyler Browning, Kaichen McRae, Billy Worthy, Jessica Faust, Rees Miller,

Colby Bleicher, Grace Fahrney, Rhiannon Fleener, Stacy Miller
Tony Batres, Seth Eggleston, David Fink, Mike Faust, Eli Fleener, Shane Mitchell