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Bram Stoker's Gothic horror is brought to life in this bone chilling adaptation by P. Shane Mitchell.  Terror is unleashed on Victorian England, after Jonathan Harker, a naive young Englishman, travels to Transylvania to do business with a client, Count Dracula. A seemingly charming man, Dracula's true and terrifying colors are revealed in his search of new, fresh blood. Unexplained disasters begin to occur in the streets of England, and all of Harker's friends must join forces under Professor Van Helsing in their attempt to vanquish the vampire.  


Cast List

Dracula – Billy Worthy

First Victim – Sydney Manning

King of the Gypsies – Michael Fawcett

Darka – Sammy Neeno

Gregore – Kekoa Nunez

Ivan – Mark Workman

The Others – Joshua Ryan Dietz, Gina Hays, KT Eglund, Emi Barker, Anderson Farmer, Jasmin Wyrick, Rhiannon Johnson

Mina – Kate Williams

Lucy – Susannah Perkins

Edith/Nosferatu – Morgan Mitchell

Nora/Nosferatu – Angela Worthy

Nosferatu – Jennifer Workman

Mrs. Westurna – MaryAlice Larmi

Mary – Morgan Stratton

Sydney – Joshua Roach

Olivia – Sabrina Sexauer

Swales – Randy Peck

Alan – Seth “Deth” Eggleston

Arthur – Ivan Taylor

Quincy – Rees Miller

Dr. Seward – Tracy Simmons

Renfield – Shane Mitchell

VanHelsing – Brad Miller

Jonathan Harker – Justin Oller



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