Winnie the Pooh

Join everyone's favorite bear of Very Little Brain on his adventures in the Hundred Acre Wood. Pooh is joined on his adventures by the forlorn Eeyore, the not-so-brave Piglet, the motherly Kanga, and other beloved friends. This adaptation of A.A. Milne's classic tale will keep smiles in the heart and on the face of audiences of all ages. 

All performances are held at APU's Grant Hall Theater, 4101 University Drive, Anchorage, AK.

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Cast List for Winnie the Pooh


Thank you so much to everyone who auditioned.  You did really amazing work, and for many of you, this was some of the best work I've seen you do. This is the hardest casting job I've ever had, and I could have easily cast this show twice and had a fantastic cast either way.  If you are not cast, please don't be discouraged, and keep auditioning!  For those cast, please email play@tbatheatre.org to accept your role.  The first rehearsal will be on Wednesday, April 3rd at 6pm at the TBA Studio.

The Cast List for Winnie-the-Pooh

Little Christopher Robin - Camden Galvin
Voice - Matthew Fosberg
Pooh - Jessica Faust
Piglet - Genevieve Grenier
Eeyore - Terrence Lindeke
Rabbit - Rees Miller
Owl - Mike Faust
Kanga - Lauren Stanford
Roo - Grace Farhney
Big Christopher Robin - Justin Oller
Animals - Kendra Hearn, Quinlyn Manfull, Aurora Behlke, Morgan Stratton, Erik Mack, Jesse Cayne, Hadley Earl, Brielle Dagon & Marc Fletcher